The Human Touch HT-275 ThermoStretch massage chair provides a relaxing massage that effectively alleviates stress, back pain and sore muscles, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

In just 15 minutes per day, a massage from this remarkable chair can therapeutically boost your circulatory and immune systems—not to mention, make you feel really, really good.

Focus the quad-roller massage where you need it most for targeted relief from your neck down to your lower back. Crafted with only the finest materials and advanced technology, the HT-275 massage chair is a beautiful addition to both your wellness regimen and your living room.


  • Foot and Calf Massager with Adjustable Width Control
  • Dual-Lumbar Back Heat
  • Deepest Penetrating Neck Massage Available
  • Full-Body Stretch
  • Contoured-Comfort Neck Pillow

These units were used as display items in a local furniture store, but have been kept clean and in mint working conditions. They were also checked by the store’s technician to verify their excellent working conditions, prior to been sold to us.

Unit Price: $800 (Normally retailing @ $2,800)

Colors available: Espresso (dark brown) and Black.
Conditions: Display items in mint conditions. Not packaged.
Free Delivery within the San Diego and Los Angeles area.