If you are looking for an adjustable bed, don’t spend tons of money in a showroom.  Come to Chillin’ Mattress, a San Diego adjustable bed outlet center.  Here, we offer adjustable beds (alone) or you can add a discount-price mattress and buy it as a set. We sell adjustable beds at affordable prices because they are overstock items and we price them to sell!  Overstocked adjustable beds are unpackaged, though they are in perfect working order. The accompanying mattress is brand new.

Adjustable Bed Options

When it comes to adjustable beds, there are many options to consider.  Below are things to look for when you are at the San Diego adjustable bed outlet center:

  • Pillow Tilting: almost all adjustable beds will tilt at the waist and tilt at the knee. This is perfect for resting, but if you wanted to watch TV or read a book, you need an additional section to be tilted: tilting at the neck – this is called pillow tilting.
  • Programmable Positions: a typical adjustable bed will have pre-set positions. A high-end adjustable bed will allow you to program different positions based on your preferences.
  • Wall Hugging Feature: when an adjustable bed tilts your body forward, you will be moved away from the headboard. An adjustable bed with wall hugging will slide the entire bed backward so your head and body will stay near the headboard. This way, you stay close to your nightstand.
  • Lumbar Support: if you have lower back pains, get an adjustable bed that has lumbar support. This is an added feature not present in the basic models.
  • Elevation Lift: this is a fairly new feature which allows the adjustable bed to position you in an incline plank. It is a good position for those who have heartburn and need to sleep at an angle with the head above the feet.
  • Dual Massage: if getting a massage is important to you, make sure your adjustable bed can give you a full body massage (upper and lower body).
  • USB Port: yes, some adjustable beds come with USA ports so you can plug in your devices while on the bed.
  • Aesthetics: some people want their adjustable bed to look nice with a wooden frame.
    The default models is a metal frame.

Want to learn more?  Please contact us at Chillin’ Mattress for detail, our staff will be happy to help you find the perfect adjustable bed for you.

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