Not only does Chillin’ Mattress offer top-quality brands at very low prices, we are also a trusted San Diego custom mattress maker. We offer our distinguished customers SPECIALTY and CUSTOM MADE MATTRESSES.

We understand life comes in different shapes and sizes and so do RVs; motor-homes and customized beds. For ALL of the above, we count with the support of our friends over at Really Good Mattresses (RGM). These guys have been around for more than a decade, and we’ve been working along with them selling their top-quality products for over four years now.

Our customers recur in purchasing RGM mattresses, not only for their orthopedic feel and fair pricing, but also for their *12yr Limited Warranty when it comes to structural defects. In an eventual case, if the mattress was to sink-in or a coil was to pop-out our customers need only to bring it back to our warehouse and we’ll swap it out for them. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! 😌

RGM Mattress: Three Top-Sellers

  • Bamboo Orthopedic/Economy Mattresses: These are conventional units- meaning that they use stringed-up coils as the core-base for this mattresses; nonetheless, they’re sturdy and heavy-duty. We normally recommend these sort of mattresses for spare-rooms, but you can use them on a daily basis just as well. They can be customized to any desired size and an additional pillowtop can be added up-top.
  • RGM Memory Foam Mattresses: If you’re looking for top-quality on a budget these are definitely the way to go. Memory foam comes in all sorts of densities and RGM offers our customers units ranging from the low 4” in height all the way up to 18”-20” in thickness. They’re comfortable, classy looking and best of all- they won’t make you break the bank!
  • RGM’s Latex/Hybrid Mattresses: These guys combine the best of both worlds… The right amount of support from individual coils and the softness level that only latex foam can achieve. These units can also be customized in size; adding a pillowtop up-top and even making them reversible, for those ‘old-school’ customers of ours who still enjoy to flip their mattresses around.

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If you are looking for a brand name mattress or want to use our San Diego custom mattress maker services, please contact us at Chillin’ Mattress for details. Our staff will be happy to help you find or create the perfect mattress for you.

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San Diego Custom Mattress Maker

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