People know Chillin’ Mattress as the outlet for affordable, top-quality brand name mattresses. However, We are also skilled mattress makers.  So, if you are looking for a San Diego RV & specialty mattress, then you’ve come to the right place!

Boats, RVs, motor-homes, and custom beds need mattresses that are specially made to fit exact dimensions. We partner up with Really Good Mattresses (RGM) to get these mattress made to your specifications. Really Good Mattress has been making mattresses for over a decade and they know what they are doing.  There is not a shape or size mattress which they cannot make for you.

Customers love RGM mattresses because they adore the orthopedic feel and because the prices are very fair.  More than that, customers also appreciate the *12yr Limited Warranty that comes which each mattress sold.  If there is ever a structural defect (mattress sinks-in or coils pop-out), just bring the mattress back to our warehouse and we’ll give you another one.

RGM Mattress: Top-Sellers

  • Bamboo Orthopedic/Economy Mattresses: These mattresses are sturdy and heavy-duty.  They can be customized to any size and you can add a pillowtop on top too. We recommend that you use these in a spare bedroom, but they work fine as an everyday-use bed too.
  • RGM Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses are affordable yet they are of very good quality and look and feel awesome. The great part is that memory foam comes in different densities and the mattress can be anywhere from 4” to 20” in thickness (height).
  • RGM’s Latex/Hybrid Mattresses: These hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds. The coils offer excellent support and the latex foam offers softness. RGM can customize hybrid mattresses to match your specifications in size and component.  You can even make these mattresses reversible, so you can flip your mattress like in the good old days.

Custom Designed MattressesSan Diego RV & Specialty Mattress

San Diego RV & Specialty Mattress

San Diego RV & Specialty Mattress